Difference between Warehouse Trolley and Pallet Truck

Published: 11th May 2010
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Warehouse trolley and pallet truck are both used in industries that manufacture goods in bulk. They are both important for different jobs and no industry can do without them. These bulk moving devices can either be moved by a person on a machine. Both the warehouse trolleys and Pallet trucks are handled by people but are used to move different goods.

Weight carrying capacity

A pallet truck handles large amounts of weights normally packed or stacked on a pallet. A warehouse trolley also can carry large amounts but the wheels on the bottom and the designs are such that they can be pushed along by people. Always make sure you consider what will be carried in them before deciding the size of the truck or the trolley. If it is something very heavy, you should keep in mind how they will be handled while loading and offloading as well.

Designs available

A lot of different designs are available for the warehouse trolleys. While some are of a single level, others that have multiple levels are also available in the market. This improves the stability of the trolley and makes it easier to handle the loading and unloading of goods. Some come with a step pick allowing personnel to climb up to move products. Pallet trucks on the other hand don't come with as many types although the capacity can vary depending on what they are used for.

How to choose between the two?

Depending on how big an industry you are running, you can make an informed choice. If you have a lot of bulk material to move around on pallets, you may need a pallet truck. If the goods that you are moving are smaller and will fit on a warehouse trolley then you can choose that.

Difference in prices

It is hard to tell exactly how much each will cost as it will depend on the type and the capacity of the trolley as well as the pallet truck. If you have a certain budget for purchasing one of these, decide the amount of use you will get out of it and choose carefully. Efficiency will also differ between the two depending on how heavy the bulk material is. Both the warehouse devices come with suitable safety features which need to be considered before making a choice.

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